Integrated Resources Unlimited bridges the gulf between the worlds of sustainable and renewable energy projects and the investor community looking for suitable solid return investment opportunities with a commitment to invest in socially beneficial endeavors.

The number of projects designed to produce energy in a sustainable manner is growing across the United States. The US Energy Information Administration in its Annual Energy Outlook 2013 estimates that by 2041 13% of the US energy supply will be from renewable sources. The UNEP Frankfurt School estimates that in 2012 a little less than $300 billion was invested in renewable and sustainable technologies. Sustainable and renewable energy technologies ranging from photovoltaic to wind to thermal to bio-fuel to waste to energy are becoming more common in the everyday environment. The technologies improve daily. New technologies come on line and their acceptance is becoming commonplace. As the general population learns more about the virtues of sustainability and the need for renewable energy to prevail, the demand for successful sustainable and renewable energy projects that are both utility-scale and distributed generation will continue to grow. The missing ingredient to satisfy this demand and accelerate development of these alternative energy projects is an effective source of capital.

At the same time, capital markets are looking for safe and effective investment opportunities, spurred on in part by investors looking for the opportunity to participate in socially responsible investments. As other investment opportunities fail to meet return goals, the amount of capital available for investment continues to grow. Concerns about risk and return drive investment into relatively narrow and traditional projects that do not allow for exploration into new market sectors such as sustainable endeavors and renewable energy projects. More traditional projects often do not produce desired return on investment. The result is that funds are often invested in very low risk, low return vehicles waiting to find a home in opportunities that will achieve broader long-term strong return goals.

Integrated Resources Unlimited creates the union between economics driving the demand to develop more sustainable and renewable infrastructure, with the discipline of market real opportunities. We develop and work with developers who apply real world hard-edged economic restraints and demands on solid but realistic returns. We work with renewable/sustainable technologies and the companies that solve real problems and bring those solutions into the development of real projects. We partner with the investors who want real opportunities to help solve real environmental and energy problems, paving the way for improved quality of life.

Social Impact