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The Municipal Challenge

Municipalities across the United States today face the perfect storm - flat revenue streams, high levels of unemployment, increased demands for service, crumbling infrastructure, escalating prices for goods and services, partisan politics, lower credit ratings, and unsustainable historic commitments. Statutory and legal constraints restrict freedom of action.  Layoffs and inability to hire have created gaps in problem solving knowledge and skill. Budgets have been cut to the bone and decisions to defer needed maintenance and repair show everywhere. Solutions to the myriad list of problems have not been readily forthcoming. A mentality has set in that calls for hunkering down in the face of the storm, only to find that the storm shows no sign of ending. It is time for a paradigm change.

The Pension Fund Challenge

Pension funds need long-term stable investment opportunities that provide returns at or above identified actuarial goals to allow pensioners to receive contractually bound payments at agreed upon rates. Pension funds have also come to realize that their very large amount of available investment capital properly applied can create economic and social benefit. 

A Paradigm Change: New Public / Private Collaboration

To address and end the municipal financial storm, and meet pension fund goals,  a new model has been created by the principals of Integrated Resources Unlimited that takes the best of public sector strength and private sector capability to allow municipalities to focus their efforts and resources on providing the core services that the citizenry has come to expect while reducing costs, creating new revenue streams and enhancing the environment. The new model can create jobs, impart skills, and promote economic development by leveraging available capital investment funding and adopting fundamental sustainable strategies.  The opportunity exists to further enhance the new model by drawing on proven financial techniques to draw additional funding into projects created precisely to support reinvestment and economic development.

The emerging options are:
1.) Become more efficient with existing assets, and/or
2.) Severe reduction or elimination of essential services and/or, 3.) Bankruptcy.
With the exception of bankruptcy, the other options are not viable long-term strategies. A public private partnership is the most viable solution that brings innovation in finance, technologies and new market relationships to establish a new strong framework for cities and municipal entities to accomplish their mission.

The New Model

An innovative Integrated Resources Unlimited model is now available that provides a multiple layered strategy for investment and reinvestment to create new revenue streams, while creating budgetary savings. The new model calls for investment by large equity funders who can provide significant amounts of capital that can be reinvested in high return investments that provide a long term stable stream of unrestricted revenue. In addition, as part of this new investment program, basic municipal functions and practices that are not core to citizen service can be restructured to create better functioning buildings and activities that reduce cost and produce additional streams of revenue. At its most basic level, the concept is to rely upon energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, innovative utility practices, and data-based decision making for operations and maintenance to achieve higher levels of efficiency and enhance the municipality's environmental footprint. It is plausible and prudent that investors will welcome bond defeasance or debt to be retired as a means for city agencies to become solvent or avoid bankruptcy,